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Events and booking

Events and booking

Matiz organizes your event and provides location for private groups or work meettings, up to 50 persons.
Exclusive spots for groups over 6 persons, could be available under previous booking.
Groups up to 6 people do not need previous booking, and the accommodation will be made by arriving order.

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Bar Menu

Bar Menu

Matiz produces all world classic cocktail recipes, but our preference goes to the Premium Cocktails: choose your favorite premium brand-based beverage and let our bartender prepare you a fully customized cocktail. Unique and exclusively for you. Matiz also offers a rich range of spirits, quality table wines, and original finger food.

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Matiz search the highest quality in all products of its offer, basing its strategy on exclusive brands of gin, vodka, tequila, rum or whisky, and distinctive partnerships such as Hendrick's Gin and Fever Tree Premium Mixers. Matiz is a different Lisbon bar and raises our offer to a higher level of quality.

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Cocktail Bar Matiz Pombalina. Lisbon, Cocktails

Matiz Pombalina is a privately owned Portuguese enterprise, headquartered in Lisbon and founded in 2009, developing its mission with three complementary approaches:

Cocktail bar. Listed in ” Best Cocktails Bars in Lisbon ” and all city guides.

Our theme is ‘Ultimate Comfort’ from our cozy, warm decor to our extensive wine, and spirits. We believe in inviting new and old friends into our place and having them leave as family. Every detail has a purpose, everyone has a welcoming friendly smile. Our music is smooth, with old songs you could sing along to and new ones you will be asking “who is this?”. We do our utmost best to provide the highest level of customer service. Listed in ” Best Cocktails Bars in Lisbon ” and all city guides.

As an event and private party provider

Our staff will ensure you have a great experience, whether you visit us in a large group for a social special or in a corporate event. Our goal is to serve with quality. We are obsessive in doing many small things perfectly. We are especially focused on permanently recreate new and interesting features. We take pride on what we do, and want you to feel good about it. We value your money, your time and your well-being.

As an importer and brand owner of ultra-premium distilled spirits

We handle exclusive brands, internationally sourced, offering limited, rare, unique and small-batch products we love, from distilleries we trust, in order to satisfy the palate of the most discerning consumers. Our expertise in the business is amongst the highest and our experience and relationships within the trade, allow us to effectively accomplish a high level service. Our products are currently in distribution in selected markets throughout all country supported by solid and responsive partnerships.

Although we wish you a pleasant experience browsing our site, we believe that only at Matiz you can evaluate our arguments. Accept our invitation.

The only difficulty we have left to you, is the choice of the next cocktail …

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