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The Bar

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Matiz imports to Portugal all baverage range of Spiritsland,  is an ambassador of the peculiar Hendrick’s Gin and uses exclusively Natural Premium Mixers Fever Tree.


All this in a unique environment in Lisbon, which makes the Matiz the right place for private events, possibly with live music or artists concerts.

We are sure that if you bet to live this experience, you willI fully understand the reason for our choices.

Avoid the Obvious

Our mission is to serve with quality. We are especially focused on permanently recreate new and interesting features. We take pride in what we do and want you to feel good about. We value your money, your time and your well-being. The only difficulty we have left at your care, is the choice of the next cocktail …

Matiz produces up all world  classic cocktail recipes, but our preference goes to the premium cocktails: select the premium based beverage brand that attracts you more and let our bartender prepare you a fully customized cocktail.

Perhaps an unusual cocktail Hendrick’s Gin served with exquisite eccentricity rituals. Or let us guide you on a journey to Dominican Republic through the unique experience of Summum and Opthimus Rum tasting , through the mountains of Scotland with a single malt whiskey tasting or even through the  exotic  extreme puerness of the organic  Virtuous Vodka from Sweden.

Matiz is an happy combination of elegance, modernity and prestige. The style adopted in the recreation space, is true to its own time – The Marquis de Pombal era – eternally present in the historic district in which we operate in Lisbon- The Madragoa. Matiz know how to become comfortable with all the colored corners of Pombal architecture. The soft light reflected by glamorous framed mirrors, combines perfectly with a saxophone shining at the entrance, suggesting quiet jazz sounds and soul music, recreated by the most famous artists  constantly echoing melodies in the three rooms of different environments and difficult choice. The floor in large traditional wooden boards and bear walls, in original stone, showing a fantastic Pombaline cage, are the perfect frame for decorative options, which brings three dozen comfortable armchairs in the style Louis XIV, lined with velvet harmonious color, providing a warm and homely environment.

Sobre nós - Matiz Pombalina Cocktail Bar
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Smokers guests have an outdoor space cleverly decorated with an eighteenth century exquisite tile panel , also appealing to the Pombal era. The refined and welcoming environment that we propose, is derived from the search for the perfect fusion between this  classic  and traditional past, and the diffuse hue of our time signals, illustrated in permanent exhibitions of leading names of contemporary art in Lisbon.

Our Bartender is an expert in cocktails, but the Matiz Pombalina Bar is not only Cocktails.

At work day end imposes a selection of 16 of the best Gin Premium world, served as a cocktail bar only reputable know serve.

Already late evening, the whisky Single Malt tasting complete our offer. An aperitif at the end of the working day match perfectely, with late hours tasting original snacks.

Matiz is the perfect place for the adventure of a tasting cocktails, selected from dozens of classics, or the unique experience of a unique cocktail.

Gin Tónico Hendrick's no Matiz Pombalina Bar

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