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The Matiz Pombalina Bar has location in the historic area of Santos, Madragoa and Lapa, Lisbon.

Occupies a building dating from the end of XVIII century , fully recovered in the Trinas Street, Old Street Trinas of the Mocambo, belongs to the Estrela quarter, which aggregates the historic district of Madragoa, Santos-o-Velho and Lapa.

The court’s presence in that pleasant place by the river led to the construction of stately homes and convents, among whose fences, limited by paths and roads (current  Esperança, Trinas and Quelhas streets), would arise the initial core Mocambo .

The Street of Trinas adjoins the neighborhood of Madragoa (old quarter of Mocambo) whose urban buildings has characteristics of  XVII, XVIII and XIX centuries,  built in the pre-Pombal Pombal . The urban area is irregular grid and trace discontinuities, formed by a set of parallel main streets positioned in relation to the River Tagus.

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Working hours :

From Thuesday to Saturday, 19H00 till 2H00 in the morning.


Rua das Trinas 25, 1200 – 855 Lisboa, Portugal

Telephone :  (351) 214043703


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