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Ethics code

Ethics Code of Matiz Pombalina Cocktail Bar

The mission of Matiz Pombalina Bar is to give more joy to life, providing leisure time in a relaxed, comfortable and welcoming environment. We aim to provide a quality service to our customers, through a care relationship and the guarantee of compliance with all rules of hygiene and food safety in force for the business.
The identity of the company and how external entities perceive it, depends not only on its economic and financial context of performance, but also on a set of principles and perceived behaviors considered socially ethical. Fulfill our mission, has to do with how we operate as a company and as individuals, how we think and work, with our customers, business partners, suppliers and other entities. For all these reasons, we consider a key issue, the existence of a set of ethical principles, with which we must identify. The systematization of these principles is materialized on this Ethics Code, which includes a set of rules for the guidance of our business. These rules apply to employees of Matiz Pombalina Bar, Lda., hereinafter called Matiz Pombalina or Company. An employees are considered the Managing Partners and other workers. It is important that all involved understand, respect and act in accordance with the principles of this Ethics Code and shall be reviewed in its philosophy, promote their dissemination, and be a real example of his practice. The Matiz Pombalina guarantees the provision of the Ethics Code to all employees.
Integrity. All employees have a duty to be honest and act in an ethical manner with the different stakeholders: customers, business partners, suppliers, and others with whom they relate. Integrity is an attitude that has to go beyond the law and does not allow considered immoral practices. No employee may offer or receive, any product or payment that could be perceived as a bribe.
Respect for the law and human rights. It is the duty of the Company and Employees respect strict compliance with the law. The Matiz Pombalina recognizes that human rights are considered fundamental and universal, based on legislation and internationally accepted practices. This includes ensuring respect for individual interests and diversity, not acting discriminatory form the basis of reason, nationality, age, religion, sex, marital status, and disability, political or ideological convictions.
Continuous improvement and development of human capital. The Matiz Pombalina guarantees to its employees, the fundamental rights of health, hygiene and safety at work, and respects the balance between your professional and personal life. It also guarantees that the professional development takes place based on criteria such as professional competence, qualification, dedication and integrity.
Employees should seek proactively, improve and update their knowledge in order to maintain and continuous improvement of their professional skills.
Conflict of interest. Employees have a duty of loyalty to the Company. A conflict of interest may arise when individually overlapping personal interests to the interests of Matiz Pombalina, curbing the objectivity of an impartial analysis of situations. The position that each occupies in the company, should never be used for personal benefit. Where an Employee has to intervene in the decision processes involving directly or indirectly with people who have or have had family relationship or affinity, or entities with whom she has collaborated should notify the responsible hierarchical existence this situation.

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