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Fever Tree Mixers

The Matiz Pombalina bar is continually searching for the highest quality in all products of its offer, basing its strategy on partnerships with distinct brands. The general activity of a bar as Matiz, tightly focused on the cocktail universe of Gins, Rum and other spirits, could only achieve these quality levels, with a strong strategic alliance with the largest mixers brand on the planet.

Fever Tree Mixers, is our obviously partner . It ishe most complete range of mixers in the world:


Fever Tree Indian is the only tonic of cottage industry, with Natural Quinine, free of dyes, preservatives and artificial flavors, hence its unique flavor.

Mediterranean: Using the most authentic of quinine strain and the best lemon oil from Sicily and thyme, geranium, rosemary and tangerines, we created a new and delicious taste experience

Elderflower: Using Elderberry Flower petals picked by hand in the heart of England, Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic is a staple of British quintessence. Elderberry flower petals harvested at the peak of the season, pure cane sugar, and Quinine Natural.

Bitter Lemon: was one of the mixers invented more sophisticated. Ignored by the majors drinks the years, many now have no idea what it is or how to drink. Well, here it is again with a descriptive name – Lemon Tonic. With real lemons, natural botanicals and rather sophisticated natural quinine clean taste.

Ginger Ale: A mixture of three natural ginger.

Ginger Beer: When fermenting a mixture of three gingers from Nigeria, Cochin and the Ivory Coast have created a winner, ginger beer, which immediately was highly acclaimed by critics of gastronomy and hotel area.

Fever Cola: rum and whiskey lovers deserved a mixer up to these great minds, respect their nuances, aromas and flavors that will delight the best palates. To this end, the Fever-Tree adds to its range of mixers Fever-Tree Premium Cola. Specially designed for combination with rum and high quality whiskey, like Fever-Tree Premium Cola stands by the scent of Madagascar vanilla and subtle essential oils of citrus aromas of Creole lemon Mexico among other ingredients.