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Hendrick’s Gin

Representing Hendrick’s Gin, makes the Matiz Pombalina a remarkable Lisbon cocktail and gin bar.

Matiz offers a list of exclusive cocktails Hendrick’s Gin full of internationally award-winning recipes. Matiz Pombalina Bar integrates the art of serving gin, the most refined eccentricity rituals.

The unusual Gin Hendrick’s Tonic syrup with extracts of rose and elderflower, the Any O’Clock Tea, the only cocktail served in an unusual world tea service in china to the most glamorous British Victorian style, or Hot Gin Punch, an unusual cocktail served hot in a typical Hendrick’s Gin tub are just examples of the most exciting challenges and the most unique ways to enjoy the most peculiar gin in the world. Regarding Gins, Matiz profiling follows the purist school.

We never add in a gin, a component that is not already present in the manufacturing process.We do not change original flavours.

And nothing matches better with Hendrick’s Gin than the Fever Tree Elderflower (elderflower), one of the most influente botanical used in its manufacture.

A perfect wedding!

Avoid the obvious.

Enchain a serious case of passion for the unusual.

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