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Cocktails Premium

cocktails premium

Choose the premium brand  based beverage that most attracts you, reveal your tastes to our bartender and let everything else in charge.  Exclusively for you.

Hendrick’s Recipes

Manual Cocktail Hendrick's Gin Matiz Pombalina Bar

As a Hendrick‘s Gin partner we offer a exclusive recipes awarded at several international specialysed competitions.

Classic Cocktails

Cocktails no Matiz Pombalina Bar

The variety of cocktails is endless. Matiz has chosen a selection of the best known classics and some unique cockytails, adjusted to all circumstances and tastes.

Spirits and Liquers

Espirituosos no Matiz Pombalina Cocktail Bar

Matiz  offers an excellent string of Spirits as Rum, Vodka, Gin or Whisky. liqueurs, port wine and the famous portuguese Moscatel.

Beers, Tea, Coffee


The Matiz offers the industry’s best draft beer and has an excellent selection of imported bottled beers and an elementary, but superior offer  of coffee products.

Wines, Finger Food

Comidas e Petiscos no Matiz Pombalina Cocktail Bar

An original offer of snacks that full fill the needs of customers who choose to replace the classic dinner for a light  quality meal, accompanied by an excellent selection of national wines.

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