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Beers & Non Alccoolic

We like to be known by our cocktails and spirits, which highlights the Gin and  Rum as stars.

Considering other options, Matiz set a basic but superior offer on coffee products and a premium string of beers.




bottle 33 Cl (imported)


Sagres without alccool

Portuguese. 33cl bottle.

Introduced in 2005, originally named Sagres Zero has a light body and a refreshing admittedly character. It is the ideal drink for people with active lives who do not waste the original beer flavor.
A Sagres Zero Preta é uma cerveja sem álcool tipo Munique, com notas intensas a malte, ligeiramente encorpada, gosto pleno, de amargor suave e dotada de uma espuma consistente.


Sagres black (stout)

Portuguese. A 33cl bottle.

It is a beer dark in color, medium-bodied, with nice "bouquet" of caramel. It is assumed as the "alternative beverage to a vast minority who want to discover the difference." Alcohol content of 4.1% vol.


Sagres Bohemia (red)

Portuguese. 33cl bottle.

Beer Sagres is 100% natural, produced according to traditional methods unique from water, malt, non-malted cereals and a rigorous selection of hops. This is a medium bodied beer, dry character and a nice bitter. Light, golden color, has an alcohol content of 5.0%



American. 33cl bottle (imported)

Budweiser, also popularly known as the Buddha, is an American Lager type beer, brewed by Anheuser-Busch company, founded in 1876 by German immigrants. It is currently the best selling beer in the world. Budweiser is a global brand of beer, present in more than 60 countries and is considered the most valuable in the world in the category.



Mexican . 33cl bottle (imported).

Corona Extra is the most popular beer brand in Mexico, founded in 1925. Traditionally drinking directly from the bottle without the use of usual cup and put a file in the bud neck. Eta technique emerged in the days when the rusted and file cover was designed to eliminate the ocher.


Guiness Special

Irish .33cl bottle (imported)

Guinness is an Irish beer whose history began in 1759, when Arthur Guinness rented a factory in Dublin, Ireland, and began producing their beer. In 1862 adopted the Irish harp as a symbol.
With nearly 300 years of history, Guinness beer is produced with the same composition: Irish malt Dublin water, hops and yeast.
Their are up to 2.7 billion liters of beer a year.


Stella Artois

French . 33cl bottle (imported).

Stella Artois is a pilsner lager (bottom-fermented) premium, which has its origins in a traditional brewery called Den Hoorn. Manufactured since 1926 in the city of Leuven, within Belgium, home to some of the best master brewers in the world, Stella Artois is a super premium beer, balanced and pronounced flavor. Result of over 600 years of tradition.


Juices, water, tea and coffee

fizzy drink

Coca Cola, Seven Up


Natural juce

Strawberry, pineepple, orange,lemon

For occasional fruit juice of the time request information from the bartender


fruit smoothies

Strawberry, pineepple, Mango

For occasional fruit smoothies the time request information from the bartender


Mineral water

botle 25 Cl



Tónic water Fever Tree

naturaly carbonated

Manufacturers of Fever Tree went to the ends of the earth behind the source of the highest quality ingredients so that your our range of premium natural waters are the best of all. The Fever Tree waters has a clean, subtle and balanced taste, with authentic flavors and the bubble style champagne, and the best drinks in the world already has a tonic at the same height of them. If 3/4 of the Gin Tonic water is tonic, it is best to use the best of all.


Água do Castelo

naturaly carbonated

The Water Castle is one of the oldest Portuguese brands bottling and distribution of mineral water, founded in 1899. Created by the company Águas de Moura, has its origins in the Alentejo region and is known for its innovative and original form of advertising.


Pedras Salgadas

naturaly carbonated

Natural Mineral Water Gasocarbónica, with a unique and constant composition, born in the north of Portugal, in a fully isolated plateau and free of any pollutant influence in a region of outstanding beauty and environmental purity. Its essence lies in its unique formula whose secret is known only by nature, which make it the preferred gas water with the Portuguese.

Chá Kusmi Paris

140 years of history! If your preference is more poetic, Matiz has an invitation for you: A trip to the ancient world of oriental flavors, which only provides Kusmi. Dare to ask an innovative and refreshing Kusmi COCKTAIL. The Kusmi Tea cocktalis are prepared in full compliance with the official and exclusive recipes from TEA Kusmi PARIS.


Nespresso Caffee


Nespresso is the brand of Nestlé Nespresso SA, an operating unit of the Nestlé Group, based in Chesterton, The company sells its unique system of machines and capsules around the world. In Hue are available the Legero varieties, Ristreto and Decafeinado.


Nespresso Café


Nespresso is the brand of Nestlé Nespresso SA, an operating unit of the Nestlé Group, based in Chesterton, The company sells its unique system of machines and capsules around the world. In Hue are available the Legero varieties, Ristreto and Decafeinado.


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