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Premium Cocktails

Matiz  produces all  the world classic cocktail recipes, but we strongly suggest the premium cocktails.

Choose a premium based beverage brand that attracts you more, allow our bartender to know your preferences and leave everything else with him.

A unique and exclusiv cocktail will be fully customized  for your taste only.

Special Cocktails Matiz

Cocktails Premium

unique and personalized cocktail recipes

Choose your premium brand of spirit based from Spiritsland renge, on your preference. Tell our bartender about the your tastes and leave everything else at his care.
It will be served a unique and personalized cocktail, exclusively prepered for you .

Cocktails Tasting- Cocktail Flavour Odyssey

10 tasting glasses

The Cocktail Flavour Odyssey is usually composed of some classic cocktails and some exclusive Matiz Pombalina Bar : Kir fizzy, Bellini, Tequila Sunrise, Blue Rita, Cosmopolitan, Green Delight, Daiquiri, Piña Colada, Hermit and Matiz Cocktail.
This composition can be promptly amended to take account of possible intolerance to certain products by customers, or the occasional bar service charges.




Double Cocktails

On request, any cocktail of Matiz Pombalina Bar list can be served on the double



After Work

daily promotion between 07 and 09 AM

As a contribution to the dissemination of the fantastic world of cocktails, Matiz has a daily promotion cocktail on sale. Ask the barman.



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