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Private Events

Corporate Events. Lisbon

In the business world, whether by needs of training, team building, celebrations, special business meetings or receiving institutional guests, it is constantly necessary to organize events to mark the milestones to a developed organization.

Social Events Lisbon

In family and friends circles, there is the irresistible urge to choose to do something different and creative to mark that special date when we celebrate a birthday,  honor someone special or want to surprise friends.

Matiz has solutions for organizing events and offers private spaces up to 50 people.

We are totally flexible on the preparation of the goals of the event, on the program setting or on the selection of activities.

The definition of costs and event conditions are always personalized. We know that each case is unique, and we are ready to respond effectively to every need.

Here are some possible formulas:

Cocktail and Gin Workshops. Lisbon

­Matiz Pombalina Bar organizes Cocktails and Gin Workshops  sessions on a monthly basis for individual applications, and unique sessions to private groups upon request. See Workshops


Cocktails, Rum, Vodka, Port Wine or Whisky Tastings in Lisbon

For those who already knows the cocktails world, distintive Rum, rare Vodkas, emblematic Port Wine brands or several Single Malt Whiskys, and may choose the best, the Matiz has prepared a tasting for each  segment product. See Tastings:

Virtuous Vodka Tasting

The revolution in vodka cocktails. One blond vodka and 6 flavored vodkas, 100% organic, no additives, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients.

virtuous Vodka Flavours
virtuous Vodka Gama Total
Matiz Pombalina Bar - Degustação Cocktails
Matiz Pombalina Bar - Degustação Cocktails

Cocktails Tasting

Designed to promote classics and signature cocktails of our own recipes. 10 cocktails of the most famous  classics and some exclusive in-proof glasses. An odyssey into the world of cocktails.

Opthimus and Summum Rum Tasting

6 Summum rum and Opthimus rum produced in  the most emblematic production region – Dominican Republic. An unforgettable trip to Caribbe.

Degustação Rum Dominicano
Degustação Rum Dominicano
Degustação Whisky Single Malt matiz Pombalina bar
Degustação Whisky Single Malt matiz Pombalina bar

Single Malt Whisky Tasting

The 6 most representative examples of the production of the two most important regions of Isley & Speyside in Scotland.

Port Wine Tasting

Réccua Port Wine is a new collection from a tradicional Port wine destilary in Douro demarked region.

Matiz offers you the experience of tasting 5 different kinds of Port Wine : Dry, Rosé, Ruby, 10 years old and Moscat, and a Port Tonic, the new trendmark.

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