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Spiritsland Premium Spirits Brands

Rum Summum and Rum Opthimus

Pursuing the best quality  in the products it offers, the Matiz Pombalina Bar became exclusive importer and representative of Summum and Opthimus Rum in Portugal, the only rum brand on the market that features a wide range of products,  with the single common feature to be the result of small craft productions, faithful to the traditions of Dominican Republic Rums.

Opthimus Rum is now a full range of six vintage rums  made by Oliver & Oliver Rons cellar master.

Summum is a premium rum with range of  three original approches from Juan Avillez , the recogneized Rum Master from Dominicana Republic.

Each rum is the perfect expression of their origin  , hits terroir and its aging process.

In Matiz it is possible to do a tasting of 5 of these premium rum, a real trip to the Caribbean world.

Virtuous Vodka

Virtuous Vodka is a string os 7 different vodkas made in Sweeden, with organic rye sourdoug. One Blond and 7 flavoured.

BLOND – 100% distilled organic Swedish rye sourdough with 38% alcohol. Continuous distillation, unfiltered to make the smoothest flavor well balanced as possible. Transparent.

BITTER LEMON- 100% organic flavored vodka with organic lemon peel. Distillation continued and maceration. Gently filtered. Soft yellow. Intense aroma with a sweet fragrance of lemons. Taste lemon zest complex.

VANILLA – 100% organic vodka with organic vanilla pod flavor. Distillation continued and maceration. Gently filtered. Color Light amber. The bottle contains a vanilla pod. intense fragrance with plenty of Bourbon vanilla with a sweet tone and clear tannic acidity.

RASPBERRY- 100% organic rye vodka Swedish. Flavored with organic raspberries. Distillation continued and maceration. Gently filtered. Limpido red. rich aroma of ripe raspberries. A certain acidity and sweetness of raspberries, give it balance.

CHILLI – 100% organic vodka seasoned with organic peppers. Distillation continued and maceration. Gently filtered. yellow light. tomato and pepper fragrance. Taste well balanced fruit and peppers.

GINGER – 100% organic flavored vodka with organic ginger. Distillation continued and maceration. Fully filtered. The spicy ginger taste is remarkable and carries a certain sensaçãoo heat.

Tequila Sangre Azteca

Sangre Azteca Tequila Blanco 100% pure Agave.
For the Aztecs, the offerings were rituals as important as life itself. Likewise, this is a product worthy of an offering to the gods. The treatment of each stage of its development, was given all the attention and care. From the field to the finished product, the quality is maximized as much as agave manufacturing process, ensuring a high quality. Sangre Aztec Blanco contains 100% blue agave sugars obtained by a process of double distillation followed by a period of maturation in oak barrels for its characteristic white color. It contains no artificial flavors.

Sangre Azteca Tequila Reposado 100% pure Agave
The purest of our tequila, 100% blue agave is obtained by a double distillation and subsequent one-year period of maturation neutral oak barrels with a capacity of 200 liters. It contains fine blue agave flavor notes and essence of oak barrels in which reposed. The best tequila in the world in quality and taste. Sangre Azteca is 100% handmade and 100% pure Blue Agave tequilana Weber, a selection of the best Tequilas aged in special white oak barrels of the highest quality.

Sangre Azteca Tequila Anejo 100% pure Agave
Each stage of development required great attention and care, ensuring consumers an exceptional and unique taste Tequila. It was given particular emphasis and quality of both agave and the production process, thus ensuring the highest quality Tequila.
Sangre Azteca is 100% made in completely handmade process based and 100% pure Blue Agave tequilana Weber, a selection of the best agaves, aged for three years in special white oak barrels of the highest quality.

Gin BR Essential

Gin BR Essential is a gin of French origin, distilled 5 times by the “bain-marie”.
It is produced from 14 different plant extracts such as thyme, citrus fruits, anise, cinnamon and but its originality is to use allspice.
Its taste and delicacy are unique in the world of premium spirits.
Delicate and sublime meets the most demanding palates.
A unique blend that releases several flavors behind a subtle and elegant bouquet.
The name BR Essential derives from its predecessor, the famous Blue Ribbon, and keeps unchanged its original recipe, with aesthetic changes brand image due to positioning reasons the market.

Gin 7D Essential

Gin Essential 7D is powerful and elegant at the same time, due to the high quality of its 7 distillations. Five pure grain distillations allow a perfect expression of its 12 botanicals distilled twice separately. Infusionado with the more traditional Mediterranean plants, the “essential 7d” is a new concept of gin.Macio, gentle and reassuring. Juniper, citrus, herbs and spices in a perfect fusion and an explosion of sensations. Bouquet pure! A unique blend of great persistence in its aromas and flavors. Purity, finesse and freshness, come from fresh waters of the river Nervion spring in Ayala Valley, to give this gin a supreme quality in their finishing touch. It’s time to “7d”, a unique London Dry Gin and “essential” ..



Uncle Val’s is a small-batch botanical gin inspired by Zio Valerio’s love of gardening and native tuscan cuisine. The botanicals are not only Uncle Val’s favorite cooking ingredients, but also happen to make an exceptionally unique and smoothly delicious gin.

Juniper: the quintessential gin ingredient, juniper adds a dash of that distinctive “gin” taste to Uncle Val’s. Cucumber: adds a cooling effect to the taste, along with subtle freshness cues.
Lemon: the citrus zing provides balance amongst the botanicals, along with the added benefit of crispness. Sage: derived from the phrase “to be saved,” sage has been held in high regard throughout history both for it’s culinary and medicinal properties. Helps make you feel more alert, calm and contented, with the effects lasting. Lavender: historically used for its calming effect, it reduces stress, aids in sleep.

Uncle Val’s presents a complex and subtly pleasing sensation of flavors. Raise your glass and you’ll notice crisp aromas of sage and juniper. Your first sip will bring out a bright lemon taste, which gives way to a warm, spicy, lavender finish, softened by the coolness of cucumber. Each sip bolsters the botanical flavors, along with a continuous presence of piney juniper

Uncle Val’s Restorative Gin exhibits a crisp, floral taste profile that harkens back to the classic American gin. Awakening your olfactory senses with its refreshingly bright taste and pleasing bouquet, the gin lives up to the name Restorative. This gin is great on its own – as Uncle Valerio would’ve undoubtedly preferred – but it’s also well suited to cocktails, adding a complex yet sublime blend of flavors to your recipe.

Ingridients :
Juniper: the quintessential gin ingredient, juniper adds a dash of that distinctive “gin” taste to Uncle Val’s. Coriander: ends a delicious and assertive taste, which contrasts nicely with the cucumber and rose. Cucumber: adds a cooling effect to the taste, along with subtle freshness cues. Rose Petals: originally grown for teas, the large petals of the Grandiflora provide a soothing aroma and calming taste.

Creating an intriguing first impression, the nose offers crisp juniper berry, soft Gourdy cucumber and the slightest hint of rose petal. The following sip feels crisp up front and silky going down with refreshing notes of citrus, coriander and juniper that pleasantly evolve to a finish of cucumber, along with a wisp of rose petals.

Uncle Val’s Peppered Gin is both an excellent sipping gin and a highly versatile mixing gin for cocktails. It represents a truly unique flavor profile, starting with sharp peppercorn and evolving into char and juniper. Bold yet smooth, it stays true to the Uncle Val’s line of gins.

Ingridientes :
Juniper: the classic gin ingredient, brings an element of tartness and crispness. Red Bell Pepper: the roasted red peppers provide a unique, earthy smokiness. Black Pepper: lends a strong, clear pepper flavor that permeates throughout. Pimento: also known as cherry pepper, the pimentos provides a savory sensation.

Taste :
Creating an intriguing first impression, the nose offers crisp black peppercorn and a hint of charred peppers greet the nose, while a bold pepper flavor and tingly, salty sensation make up the mouth feel. With a sip, the crisp, salty pepper evolves into a sour-sweet juniper taste and the pleasing bite of charred red peppers, all of which finished with the smooth, fading sense of peppercorn

Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Black Jack 21

Black Jack 21 is a Kentucky Bourbon Whisky straight over 4 years of aging in oak barrels made from American, roasted inside, as required by US regulations whiskey Bourbon, a demarcated area.
Bourbon Whisky was developed in America in the seventeenth century, mainly thanks Scottish and Irish immigrants who settled in the state of Kentucky, where our bourbon Jack Black is one of the most important brands of this product.
It has as its main raw material, corn and its peculiar aging in new oak barrels. Your particular sweet, fruity and aromatic character meets the requirements of international markets.

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