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Cocktails Tasting

Degustação de Cocktails Matiz Pombalina Bar

The Cocktail Tasting in consists of ten  cocktails samples, designed to promote the best know classics and some signature cocktails of our own recipes


Do you know why the image of the great movie stars imaginary often appears linked to the world of cocktails? Because all cocktails have a touch of charm, elegance … glamour.

The media Tom Cruise and Jessica Parker, or even the legendary James Bond, know it. What you may not know is that these flavors to make love every night in the only cocktail bar in Lisbon with matching environment. And you? Will not see this movie? The flavor of a Cosmopolitan or a Daiquiri?

If you had never had the opportunity to know this fantastic world, the Cocktail Flavor Odyssey is a unique experience in Lisbon.

The Cocktail Flavor Odyssey is usually composed of some classic cocktails and some exclusive recipes of Matiz: fizzy, Bellini, Tequila Sunrise, Blue Rita, Cosmopolitan, Green Delight, Daiquiri, Piña Colada, Hermit and Matiz Pombalina Cocktail.

This composition can be promptly amended to take account of possible intolerance to certain products by customers, or occasional charges of the bar possibly including copies of tea cocktails or molecular mixology service.


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