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Rum Tasting

Degustação Rum Dominicano

Rum Summum and Rum Opthimus Tasting

Pursuing the best quality , Matiz became  exclusive importer and representative of Rum Summum and Rum Opthimus for Portugal.

The only rum brands on the market that features a wide range of premium products, which results of small craft productions, faithful to the traditions of its origin .

The Matiz Pombalina Bar  has offers a quality range of different kinds of rum, representative of each main producing regions.

A trip to the Caribbean world!

Rum lovers, or just curious to see the origins of this so famous spirit, can now take the test in Matiz, a tasting of five specimens of the most representative rum in the world.

Rum is the most consumed distilled beverage in the world. Rum is one of the most diverse spirits there is. Each country or production area is a true ‘terroir’ with their own traditions and production techniques, natural conditions and consumer habits. It is now distilled in all continents, Asia, Latin America, Oceania, Europe (Spain) and even Africa and the Middle East, but the most prized rum is undoubtedly the Caribbean.


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