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Cocktails, Rum, Vodka and Whisky Tastings

Cocktails, Rum, Vodka, Gin and Whisky Tastings in Lisbon.

For those who already knows the cocktails world,  the distintiv Rum brands  or several Single Malt Whiskys, or Vodkas  but need to know more about it and be able to choose the best, the Matiz has prepared a tasting for each  segment product:

Cocktails Tasting – 10 cocktails of the most famous international classics and some exclusive in-proof glasses. An odyssey into the world of cocktails.

Rum Tasting – 5 Rum Summum and Optimus produced in Dominicana Republic, the most emblematic production region. An unforgettable trip to the Caribbean.

Virtuous Vodka tasting
The revolution in vodka cocktails. One blond vodka and 6 flavored vodkas, 100% organic, no additives, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients. 7 vodkas from Swedish Virtuous in 2 Cl tasting glasses : Blond, Raspberry, Ginger, Vanilla, Sea Buckthorn, Chili, Bitter Lemon.

Single Malt Whisky Tasting – The 6 most representative examples of the production of the two most important regions of Isley & Speyside in Scotland.