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Workshop Cocktails & Gin

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Matiz Pombalina Cocktail Bar performs Cocktail Workshop sessions under reservation for private groups over 6 persons and on a monthly basis for individual applications on our database.

At Matiz Pombalina Cocktail Bar, you will have the opportunity to discover a new and original world. Surrender yourself to the excitement of the creation of a unique drink, with a mixture of unique flavors, made by your-own, in a funny and friendly ambiance.

Discover new techniques to produce drinks,  and then surprise your best friends at home with the quality that will make you an excellent host.

These sessions are for non-professionals who wish to acquire basic knowledge to “make at home”.

Each session last nearly 3 hours. The workshop is eminently practical. There is only a theoric introduction for about 10 minutes on the general rules to handle bar activities, beverage mixing techniques and cocktails history.

In this workshop each participant is asked to experience the main production techniques (amounts of measurements, types of beverage and “perfect serve” ) to produce a cocktail of his choice, monitored by our bartender , professional  with vast curricula, specialized in  cocktails  production techniques.

Your cocktail will be tasted by all participants that, at the end of the session, will elect the best cocktail produced.

The price per person for each session is 30 € per participant and includes the cocktail produced by each one, the materials used in the session,  recipes and…..a lot of fun.

Groups between 6 and 15 participants.  Compulsory reserve with 1 week in advance.

Take a look at the standard pragram sessions of cocktail and gin  Workshop : PROGRAM WORKSHOP gins and COCKTAILS

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